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Mental Health Program

The FAMU DRS Mental Health Plan
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Many children suffer in silence. Too often, they carry the burden of mental health issues and feel they have no one to turn to. They may feel hopeless, helpless and alone. Unlike adults, kids don’t always know when it’s time to ask for help. Some might feel embarrassed or ashamed by a mental health problem. These are just some reasons why we feel school mental health professionals are essential at FAMU DRS.  
School mental health professionals are vital in helping students cope with mental health issues in healthy and productive ways. They help provide support for individuals and families in need, work to prevent school violence, are involved in career planning, and much more. Working with school counselors and teams of student support services faculty, our mental health professionals are here to help and support our students and families.
FAMU DRS 2020-2021 Mental Health Training Plan
For additional information regarding mental health services, contact:
FAMU DRS School Counselors
Director of Guidance/Counselor
Ms. Kay Wallace
Phone: 850.412.5930
Counselor: Grades 6-8
Ms. Nickitra Jones
Phone: 850.412.5930