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Vision & Mission Statements

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Vision Statement
The vision at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Developmental Research School
is to prepare and motivate our students for a rapidly evolving digital world by instilling in
them critical thinking skills, a global mindset, and a respect for core values. Students will
prepare today to succeed for tomorrow.
Mission Statement
The mission of Florida A&M University’s Developmental Research School (FAMU DRS) is to conduct research, demonstration, and evaluation of the management of teaching and learning. FAMU DRS will place curriculum emphasis on mathematics, science, technology, and foreign languages. FAMU DRS is committed to providing a quality education for students by promoting rigor and innovative strategies for teaching and learning.
In addition to providing other instruction in non-specialized courses, the DRS will foster educational opportunities that encourage each student to develop personal responsibility, respect for individual differences, and an inquiring mind so that each student will continue to learn, develop and apply skills to become a productive citizen in an ever-changing society.
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