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Academics at FAMU DRS

Elementary School

Our kindergarten through fifth grade program builds the academics and interaction necessary to be successful. Every classroom offers enrichment opportunities for each child to explore. The FAMU DRS strives to create an environment where all children reach their potential in a creative and challenging atmosphere.

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Middle School

FAMU DRS Middle School is designed to meet the changing physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of its students. FAMU DRS Middle School fulfills the distinct needs of this age group by providing a seamless and supportive transition from Elementary School. By helping students build and reinforce skills, organize knowledge, learn to work well in groups, become increasingly independent, and explore a multitude of topics and activities, FAMU DRS Middle School prepares young scholars for the next level of learning.

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High School

FAMU DRS is a college preparatory school. Our High School is committed to the unique combination of academic preparation, school and community involvement, and physical and social growth that equips students for the demands of college life. Our challenging curriculum meets or exceeds the recommended course of studies for most selective colleges and universities. The FAMU DRS School faculty and staff are here to help students succeed at FAMU DRS and beyond.

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Enrichment Programs

In addition to extracurricular organizations, careet and technical student organizations, and athletics, FAMU DRS provides a variety of academic enrichment opportunities for all students. Through the dedicated support of our Title I, Title III, Title IV, FAMU College of Education, FAMU Foundation, and other stakeholder collaborations, students and programs flourish through these enrichment programs.   
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