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FAMU DRS Alumni and Former Faculty, Admin., & Supporters

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2022-2023 Alumni Spotlight
2019-2020 Alumni Spotlight
April - June, 2019 Recipient
Chuck Hobbs, Esq.
July - September, 2019 Recipient
Lori Fede-Nzekwe
October - December, 2019 Recipient
Ericka Cromartie
In Their Honor
Dedicated former FAMU DRS Faculty, Administration, and Supporters will always remain in the hearts and fabric of FAMU DRS. No matter where their journey in life and beyond takes them, they will forever be FAMU Baby Rattlers.
April - June 2021 Honoree
Mr. Matthew H. Esteras
January - March 2021 Honoree
Mrs. Virginia Lawrence
October - December 2020 Honoree
Mrs. Beulah Gregory
July - September 2020 Honoree
Mrs. Angie Rogers
April - June 2020 Honoree
Miss Kyneisha Rhodes
January - March 2020 Honoree
Mr. Jonathan Ferrell
October - December 2019 Honoree
Mrs. Eileen Warner
Alumni in the News
Jazmine Jones WNBA
Chris Jackson NFL Draft