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FAMU Developmental Research School is committed to providing a quality education for students by promoting rigor and innovative strategies for teaching and learning. Our teachers and staff strive to provide your son/daughter with the best education possible to prepare them for college or a career. FAMU DRS understands and believes that parents and guardians are the most powerful influence on a child's success in school. Research shows that a home environment that supports learning is more important to student success than income, education level, or cultural background [Henderson and Mapp 2002]. Parents, guardians, teachers, staff, and community members are members of the DRS family and team. Below you will find some helpful resources so that we can work together to boost student achievement!
Additional information and resources may be found under Departments for Elementary, Middle School, and High School parents and guardians.
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Per, the Florida Department of Education, updated Emergency Guidelines for Schools The Emergency Guidelines for Schools – 2019 Florida Edition provides comprehensive easy-to use guidance with recommended procedures for Florida school personnel to handle a wide variety of student health emergencies at school and school-sponsored activities. The 2019 Emergency Guidelines for Schools has now been shipped statewide to County Health Departments for distribution to individual schools. The updated emergency guidelines include communicable disease guidance, as well as infection control, and the steps schools can take before, during and after a pandemic flu outbreak. 
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