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Moms with Muffins

On October 23, 2019, FAMU DRS held its annual "Muffins with Mom" extravaganza. Baby Rattler Moms (and grandmoms, godmoms, and "mom" figures) showed up in record numbers to support our students and this awesome event. We would like to acknowledge and thank all for their continued support and involvement. At FAMU DRS, WE LOVE OUR MOMS!

Grandparent's Day at FAMU DRS

FAMU DRS Grandparents came to spread the love at the Annual FAMU DRS Grandparent's Day at FAMU DRS. Grandparents ate lunch with their grandchildren at a feast provided by the Ms. Audrey Franklin and the FAMU DRS Cafeteria Staff. Some even adopted several children because they had so much love to give! Organized by Ms. Sheila LaBissiere and Ms. Melissa Leon, this event shows the true FAMU-ly spirit at FAMU DRS.
We appreciate our grandparents!

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

At 1:00 pm on Monday, May 13, 2019, FAMU DRS held it Spring 2019 Induction Ceremony for the Matthew H. Estaras National Honor Society at Florida A&M University Developmental Research School.

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