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Beta Club Day of Dialogue

February 28, 2023. The FAMU DRS Senior Beta Club  was invited to the Leon County Courthouse by County Commissioners Carolyn Cummings and Bill Proctor for a day of dialogue with local and state leaders.


Upon their arrival, Mr. Chauncy Haynes, Aide to Commissioner Cummings, greeted the group and escorted them to State Attorney Jack Campbell's office.  After a brief presentation by Mr. Campbell, Beta Members asked several thought-provoking questions as well as answered questions posed to them by the State Attorney.  They were then given a tour of the many offices and divisions that make up the state attorney's office.


The Beta Club also met the Public Defender, Jessica Yeary and toured her office as well.  Mrs. Yeary showed a brief video on the origin of the Public Defender, asked and answered questions from the Beta Club, then provided a tour of her office and introduction of some of her staff.


Following the tours, the Club entered the Leon County Commission Chambers, was greeted by Former Baby Rattler, Commissioner Bill Proctor who addressed the group and led them in a deep discussion on being Servant Leaders in the community. He emphasized the importance of knowing who you are and leaving a legacy.  Commissioner Proctor charged each Beta Member to always stand up for what is right for everyone and not just for themselves.


Finally, the Beta Club was introduced to the longest serving African American County Judge, The Honorable Augustus Aikens.  Judge Aikens spoke about his struggles and successes as a judge and shared how he felt about having the Leon County Courthouse renamed after him upon his retirement in 2024.  Judge Aikens also stressed the importance of staying focused on changes in laws and in the Tallahassee communities.  He challenged each student to be the change agent for FAMU DRS student body.


The National Beta Club was provided lunch, compliments of Commissioner Carolyn Cummings, and continued the dialogue with Commissioner Proctor and Judge Aikens.  After lunch, everyone reentered the Commission Chambers and engaged in a medley of songs led by the Vice-President, Kailer Shaw.  The day culminated with the singing of the Negro National Anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing followed by the FAMU Alma Mater.   Commissioner Proctor stated, "this kind of unity and spirit can only be found at FAMU DRS."


Beta Sponsors, Ms. Bettye "Nikie" Lindsey and Dr. Vivian Wilson was excited and thankful that the members had such a positive eye-opening experience with community leaders.  FAMU DRS was represented very well.



Beta Club Believe Basket Recipient October 2022

During the month of October 2022, the FAMU DRS Beta Club adopted

Mrs. Tanya Drummond as their "Angel" to show acts of kindness, love, support, and encouragement. They created a "Believe Basket" containing cards, words of affirmation and encouragement, flowers, and some special trinkets for her.


The Beta Club "Believe Basket" was delivered by Ms. Bettye "Nikie" Lindsey, Beta Club Sponsor, to Ms. Drummond over the Thanksgiving Break. Upon receiving the beautiful, inspiring gift, Mrs. Drummond stated, "I am so grateful for the kindness shown to me from the FAMU DRS Beta Club. Thank you all so much!"

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Wall of Support
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