Welcome to the Counselor's Office

The ultimate aim of the Guidance Department is to ensure that ALL students acquire the skills knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners. Our goal is to promote positive academic, personal/social, and college and career planning as set forth by the American School Counseling Association guidelines.
We have 2 counselors who provide students and parents with academic, personal/social, and career planning information and 1 counselor that focuses mainly on Dual Enrollment. We also have 1 Licensed Mental Health Counselor who assist with student's emotional behavioral health and over-all well-being. Our program focuses on Prevention and is designed to facilitate the process of providing all students with age appropriate skills and guidance information that will enhance student achievement.
During the school year we spend much of our time assisting students with academic placement, social/emotional skills, monitoring progress towards promotion/graduation and discussing future career and college plans.
Parents, we are available for walk-in appointments but emergencies sometimes happen and a counselor will be unavailable. Please call ahead to make an appointment or make sure your counselor is available.

Tips for online learning to make sure you are successful:

Treat your online learning like a “real” course. Spend at least five days a week completing your assignments the same way you would in your face-to-face class. One of the easiest ways to ensure follow through is to remember that you are getting a grade for your completed work for the 4th nine weeks.

Hold yourself accountable. Set goals at the beginning of the nine weeks (March 24, 2020) and check yourself weekly. You will not have the teacher actively reminding you about due dates. It’s all up to you!

Practice time management. Create a pacing chart for the week. Try one assignment per day for each class and increase or decrease as needed. Make a daily routine for your online learning, allot a certain amount to time for each assignment, then move to the next assignment. Set a timer to keep you on track.

Create a study space and stay organized. Set up a leaning environment for studying daily so you can begin to establish a routine. It can be your kitchen table, a desk, etc. Setting up a regular study space will help you stay organized. Make sure you have, high-speed internet connection, required books, materials, website addresses, and headphones. You will also need paper, pens, or pencils.

Eliminate distractions. Resist the temptation to watch TV or movies online, play games, check email, text or visit websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others that will take your attention away from your learning.

Actively participate. Take notes and write down any questions you may have and contact your teacher for clarification. Ask your teacher to create a class discussion thread. Remember your learning for the next two weeks will depend mostly on you! If you feel yourself falling behind SPEAK UP! Don’t wait until the last minute to report issues. Email your teacher and be proactive in asking for help.

 Enjoy your e learning experience FAMU DRS Scholars! Stay safe! See you soon!