Message from the Superintendent

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Dr. Kirk E. Gavin is the interim superintendent for the Florida A&M University Developmental Research School.  He joined the faculty of Florida A&M University College of Education as the first Director for the Center for Teacher Induction & Research in the fall of 2010. 
Dr. Gavin earned a Bachelor of Science degree and Masters of Educational Leadership degree from Florida A&M University in 1991 and 1993, respectively. He received the Doctor of Educational Leadership degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2000.

After accepting an appointment as the Assistant to the Dean in the School of General Studies at Florida A&M University in 1999, Dr. Gavin has continued to serve the university in several capacities; as an Assistant Dean in the School of General Studies, Interim Executive Director for Title III Programs, Director for Institutional Research, and Interim Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs.

With over twenty-five years in public education, Dr. Gavin has worked in Leon County Public Schools as a Social Studies Teacher, Coach, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, and School Principal.

Dr. Gavin believes that every child can learn and promotes the motto, "Discipline is the Price of Freedom!"  He is married to Mrs. Carrie M. Gavin and they have two children, Danielle and Kirk II. 

As a researcher, Dr. Gavin's interests include the examination of factors effecting the retention and graduation of minority students and issues relating to the incarceration of African-American males.  As a member of the faculty in the College of Education, Dr. Gavin serves as an associate professor of educational leadership, where he teaches school finance, school law, and school facilities management.

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