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FAMU DRS + ERAU-GAI CTE Dual Enrollment

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FAMU DRS + ERAU-GAI Dual Enrollment Program Overview

FAMU Developmental Research School scholars enrolled in the FAMU DRS Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual Enrollment Program have the opportunity to enroll in and take courses in specific Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Gaetz Aerospace Institute (ERAU-GAI) programs/courses taught on the FAMU DRS campus. All students participating in the FAMU DRS + ERAU-GAI CTE Dual Enrollment program must agree to follow a specified program of study designed to ensure students earn relevant industry certification and leading the the attainment of program completion in selected ERAU-GAI CTE programs.


Gaetz Aerospace Institute uses aviation, aerospace, and engineering to capture students’ imaginations and motivate them toward their studies. Students are officially registered in Embry-Riddle courses that will reflect on their college transcripts. ERAU-GAI CTE dual enrollment courses that are administered at FAMU reflect the pedagogical, theoretical, and philosophical orientation of Embry-Riddle courses. Embry-Riddle instructors provide discipline-specific training and orientation regarding course curriculum, assessment criteria, pedagogy, and course philosophy. Assessments are evaluated at the same standards of achievement as those expected on the ERAU campus.


*Special Note: For the 2022-2023 school year only, students in Grades 10-12 may enroll in Level 2 courses without having to take the Level 1 course.

*This program focuses strictly on career and technical dual enrollment programs (career dual enrollment programs) and is not the same as the FAMU DRS + FAMU Dual Enrollment program. 
Eligibility Requirements Overview
In order to be eligible to join the FAMU DRS + ERAI-GAI CTE Dual Enrollment program, a scholar has to show that he/she/they is/are able to perform the rigors of each college-level program. Students wishing to enroll in FAMU DRS + ERAI-GAI CTE dual enrollment programs/courses have to meet minimum eligibility requirements. In addition to their high school GPA, final English and math grades earned in the students' previous academic school years will also be reviewed and considered to demonstrate they are ready for program work. Some programs have age restrictions due to safety concerns.
Enrollment Overview
  • Scholars may ONLY enroll in courses following the selected and approved Program of Study.
  • Scholars will work with guidance to determine enrollment schedules (consideration must be given to the scheduling of required FAMU DRS courses).
  • Courses will be embedded within the FAMU DRS master schedule.
  • Students may only take courses in the semester in which they are offered.
  • FAMU DRS will NOT be responsible for any financial commitments entered into by any student/parent/guardian outside of this process and without the express authorization of district administration. Nor will FAMU DRS be responsible for any financial commitments entered into by ay student/parent/guardian who enrolls or registers on their own.
  • Students may lose the opportunity to participate in the dual enrollment program if they have unsatisfactory attendance, behavior, and/or are disruptive to the learning process.
  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be responsible for the willful destruction of any program property.
Due to the limited space available and the program requirements and expectations, potential student participants will go through a specified application and selection process. Please be reminded, meeting minimum program admission/enrollment requirements does not guarantee program admission, selection, or enrollment. Applicants and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified about acceptance through the e-mail provided in their application. The application process is detailed in the FAMU DRS Career and Technical Education Dual Enrollment Student Handbook.
Eligibility Requirements
Eligibility Requirements Overview
  • Grade Point Average: 2.5 unweighted GPA
  • Grade Level: Grades 9-12
  • Grade Level: Grade 8 students may take the high school level, introductory Level 1 course only 
  • Age: Some program courses may have age restrictions.
  • Test Score Requirements: Test scores are not an eligibility requirement; however, students must have earned at least a "B" average in their English and math courses from the year proceeding admission. (*Intensive Math courses and Intensive Reading courses do NOT count for this requirement). Specific eligibility requirements are outlined in the FAMU DRS Career and Technical Education Dual Enrollment Student Handbook.
Programs and Program Expectations
Program Expectations
ERAI-GAI CTE DE Program Expectations
ERAU-GAI CTE DE Program Expectations, Page 2
The programs listed below are available through the FAMU DRS + Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Gatez Aerospace Institute CTE Dual Enrollment Program. Programs of Study and program descriptions may be found detailed in the FAMU DRS Career and Technical Education Dual Enrollment Student Handbook.
  • Drone Photography Operator Program


  • Drone Security Operator Program


  • Private Pilot Operations Program