Senior Class » Class of 2020 Seniors

Class of 2020 Seniors

Senior Class Colors:  Red, Black, and White
Class Flower: Rose
Senior Class Poem: "We'll Always Remember"
Senior Class Song: "Joyful, Joyful"
Graduation: May 23, 2020 @ 1:00 pm
Senior Officers   
JB  Jha'Shawn Black, President
LS Lakira Stevens, Vice President
AJ Ayonna Johnson, Secretary
BR Bria Randall, Treasurer
TB Ta'Marlon Brown, Parliamentarian
DM Derrick McKinnon, Historian
Senior Student Government Association Representatives
IM India McCary, President
KM Kennedi Mercer, Vice President
LS Lakira Stevens, Chief of Staff
LT Leah Thomas, Chief Justice
TB Ta'Marvin Brown, Parliamentarian
JB Jha'Shawn Black, Historian
DS Darryl Stanley, Historian
KM Kelsey Morris, Treasurer
WE William Evans, Senior Class Representative
Senior Royal Court   
KM Kelsey Morris, Miss FAMU DRS
wb Warren Bowers, Mister FAMU DRS
LT Leah Thomas, Miss Senior Attendant
JB Jha'Shawn Black, King of the Orange and Green
LT LaTeesa Taylor, Senior Class Homecoming Queen
LW Lakavian Williams, Senior Class Homecoming King
LS Lakira Stevens, May Day Queen
DS Darryl Stanley, Jr., May Day King
BR Bria Randall, May Day Class Queen
DM Derrick McKinnon, May Day Class King
Senior Class Sponsors
AT Anthony Thompson
VW Vivian Wilson 
NJ Nickitra Jones
AO Altamese Osborne
We'll Always Remember   
Pat Schoales, Author
Warren Bowers, Rearrangement
We’ll always remember
We’ll never forget
The football games 
Where everybody met
The high school colors 
Orange and Green
Which was on the track, baseball
And Basketball Team
We’ll remember our friends
All the fun we had too
The long lasting crushes
The heartbreaks too
We’ll remember the music
The dances and bops 
School was like a reality show 
The drama never stopped
The long exams,
The term papers too
The book reports, 
With no time to do
The senior prom- -
At last the big night - -
We couldn’t make it 
It just wasn’t right 
Now the big day 
Graduation is here
The one we’ve waited for 
But no one can be near 
It’s time to leave 
With hearts happy and sad
Cherishing always 
The good and bad times we had