FAMU DRS School Board

The FAMU DRS School Board
The DRS School Advisory Board provides general oversight and guidance for the school. The Dean of the College of Education is a standing member. Other members prescribed by law and appointed by the University President include: four faculty members, two of whom are from the College of Education; one layperson who resides in the county in which the DRS is located, and two parents of students who attend the DRS in addition to these appointees, the Principal may appoint one DRS student to serve on the Board.
The term of each member is two years, and any vacancy will be filled with a person of the same classification as his or her predecessor for the balance of the unexpired term.The President shall stagger terms of the initial appointees in a manner that results in the expiration of terms of no more than two members in any year. The President shall call the organizational meeting of the Board. The Board shall annually elect a chair and a vice-chairman. According to law, the Board shall adopt internal organizational procedures or bylaws necessary for efficient operation as provided in Chapter 120. Board members shall not receive per diem or travel expenses for the performance of their duties. The Board shall (a) meet at least quarterly, (b) monitor the operations of the school and the distribution of moneys allocated for such operations, (c) establish necessary policy, program, and administration modifications, (d) evaluate biennially the performance of the director and principals and recommend corresponding action to the Dean of the College of Education, and (e) annually review evaluations of the school's operation and research findings.
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