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District Data and Accountability Department

Welcome to the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Developmental Research School District Data and Accountability Department. We strive to efficiently and effectively utilize data for accountability, advancement, student achievement, and school improvement.
Our Data Strategy is to provide instructors, instructional leaders, and district leaders with actionable, relevant, accurate, and timely data to utilize in core school improvement areas: student achievement, quality instruction, school culture and climate, and student demographics. Having relevant, timely, and accurate data allows teachers, faculty, administration, and stakeholders the opportunity to appropriately monitor student progress/student achievement as a key component of school improvement. Additionally, having relevant, timely, and accurate data drives data driven instruction, policies, and practices. By collaborating with other departments, FAMU, the Florida Department of Education, and other stakeholders, we strive to provide you with the most up-to-date data program and performance data. Our department will continually update this site as we receive or are appraised of new data, statutes/legislation, standards, research, and/or policies. We welcome your feedback and are hopeful the information we provide meets or exceeds your needs. 
For additional information, please contact:
Ms. Raquista Claitt,
District Data and Accountability Coordinator

Data, Accountability, and School Improvement