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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome each of you and your families to FAMU DRS.  As FAMU DRS PTA board members, it is among our responsibilities to talk with you about our organization, enroll you as a member, and very importantly, encourage you to get involved in your school.  But first, since this may be the first time at FAMU DRS, for many of you, it is important for us to explain what the PTA is all about.

What is the PTA and who can be a Member?
Our FAMU DRS PTA is part of the national Parent Teacher Association that strives to enhance children’s educational experiences.  Being part of a national organization, we must pay annual dues.  To offset these dues, every year, we have a membership drive.  Becoming a member does not mean you automatically sign up to volunteer, it just means you support our group and believe in what we’re doing. All parents and caregivers, along with school faculty can be members, for only $10!  Please enroll or renew your membership and help us achieve our membership goal! 

» 2013-2014 Membership Form (downloadable Word document)

Current Fundraiser sponsored by the FAMU DRS PTA

This year we are focusing on Technology. Our next fundraiserhas begun and we need your help!

The catalog contains an assortment of unique food, gift, wraps and home décor products. Please take a few minutes to check it out. You will find a number of products under $10. With your help, 40% of every dollar spent on these quality products will stay with our school!

Here are Three Ways You Can Help!

  1. Order products for your home or to give as gifts. Every product has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. There are many products you already use at home. When you purchase these products as gifts, you are sure to bring a smile and help our school at the same time.

  2. Share the gift brochure with friends and family. Be sure to tell your friends and family members how their purchases will help our school.

  3. Email friends and family members. People who love to shop online will like how easy it is to help. There are over 1,700 quality products available at gaschoolstore.com.

To get started:

Step 1 - Go to gaschoolstore.com by October 31.

Step 2 - Register to receive a Student Online ID Number. To complete registration, you will need our group number - 02632650.

Step 3 - You will be issued a Student Online ID Number and provided with easy to use Email campaign tools.

Step 4 - To ensure proper credit for your online sales, please place your Student Online ID Number on each of your handwritten order forms.


We want to make this year's fundraiser as fun and profitable as possible. You will find our prize program on the flyer in this letter. Plus, everyone that turns in an order will receive a "Chilin Penguin!" We will be turning in orders on November 1, 2013. Delivery will be in 3-4 weeks. DRS PTA will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place extra prize, along with pizza party for the best selling class.

Thank you in advance for your help! Your support is greatly appreciated and needed.


Mr. Anthony Black, PTA President
Mrs. Sandra Grant, Elementary Administrator
Mrs. Joan Belle-McGlockton, Secondary Administrator

PTA Programs & Fundraising

Our primary objective as a PTA is to provide our schools with funds, programs, resources and services that will enrich and maximize the education of every child.  To meet this important objective, and afford services that are no longer covered by our school budgets, we must fundraise.  Though it may not be our favorite responsibility, it is a necessary one.  Our school community must raise money if we want to provide our children with the storytellers, story and puppet crafters, music and dance residencies, author readings, concerts, nature talks, grade and curriculum based assemblies and other hands-on, interactive experiences and presentations.  We are excited about several new programs for this coming school year!  PTA meetings will communicate details all of the programs we sponsor and support.

Upcoming Fundraising events:

  • Fish / Chicken Dinners (pre order sales)
  • Krispy Crème Donut Fundraiser (pre order sales)
  • Worlds famous Chocolate
  • Papa Johns Brochure
  • Car wash(s)
  • Drive for your School Ford Dealership)
  • Blue Cones (year round)
  • Snack store
  • High School Dance
  • Holiday fundraiser
  • Fall Fundraiser Brochure by
  • School supply store
  • End of School carnival
  • Holiday fundraiser

Note: all fundraiser to be self sustainable unless approved by the e-board.

Join or Donate to the FAMU DRS PTA Now!

Make a donation to the FAMU DRS Parent Teacher Association or pay your membership fee through our PayPal account by clicking the button below.

Become a Volunteer…Why YOU should get involved!

As you can see, we are a busy group.  This is where you can come in!  We need your help, and so do your children.  Over 500 independent studies on parent involvement show that when parents get involved in their children’s education grades go up, test scores improve, children are more likely to attend better schools after high school, they have fewer discipline problems and they’re less likely to use drugs and alcohol.  Get involved TODAY!

Please look at the PTA volunteer sheet, indicate what events/activities interest you, and we’ll contact you to discuss it further.  A volunteer table will also be set up at all of the Open House nights.  Stop by to see all of our volunteer opportunities!  Volunteering doesn’t have to mean a huge time commitment.  We understand it is increasingly more difficult to find time to give, but please, whatever your time schedule allows, we have need of you.  We even have tasks that can be performed in the evenings, during the day or that don’t even involve coming to the school at all. 

FAMU DRS PTA is Going Green

Because of the amount of paper we use that eventually gets thrown away, we are starting an effort this year to dramatically reduce our paper usage. This will help our environment AND reduce our office expenses. Rather than send home fliers, we will send emails and post information on our web site. Please help us by sending us your email address. If you already receive our emails, then you don't need to do anything. If you are new to our schools, or have not received our emails, please email us at FAMUDRSPTA@gmail.com. Your name will be added to our distribution list. If you do not have access to email, we will continue to send home fliers.  Please give us your child's name and teacher when you join the PTA, and any PTA information will go home with your child. Also, our PTA web site – http://www.famudrs.org/pta.php - is a great resource.

Our parent group is certainly about more than bake sales! We're about men and women working together toward a common goal. That goal, simply stated, is creating a better school and a better educational experience for our children. We strive to create an atmosphere where teachers, administrators, and support staff can do their best work – and so can our children.  There is so much more that can be done and we need your help. 

On behalf of the FAMU DRS PTA we would once again like to extend a warm welcome and best wishes for a successful school year!  Please contact any of us with questions or comments.  Enjoy a great new school year!



2013-2014 PTA Officers

  • President - Mr. Anthony Black
  • High School VP - Mrs. Saundra Connors
  • Middle School VP - Mr. Bernie Jordan
  • Elementary School VP - Mrs. Gwendolyn Jackson
  • Treasurer - TBA
  • Secretary -Mrs. Mildred Bryant
  • Corresponding Secretary - TBA
  • Parliamentarian - Mr. Don Tolliver

Contact: famudrspta@gmail.com

Position Descriptions

President The president shall preside over meetings of the organization and executive board, serve as the primary contact for the principal, represent the organization at meetings outside the organization, serve as an ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee, and coordinate the work of all the officers and committees so that the purpose of the organization is served.

High School Vice-President The vice president shall assist the president and carry out the president’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve.

Middle School Vice-President The middle school vice-president shall assist the president and carry out the president’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve if high school vice-president is not available.

Elementary School Vice-President The elementary vice-president shall assist the president and carry out the president’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve if high/middle school vice-president is not available.

Treasurer The treasurer shall receive all funds of the organization, keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and pay out funds in accordance with the approval of the executive board. He or she will present a financial statement at every meeting and at other times of the year when requested by the executive board, and make a full report at the end of the year.

Secretary The secretary shall keep all records of the organization, take and record minutes, prepare the agenda, handle correspondence, and send notices of meetings to the membership. The secretary also keeps a copy of the minutes book, bylaws, rules, membership list, and any other necessary supplies, and brings them to meetings.


Download the FAMU DRS PTA bylaws. (PDF 27kb)

Meeting Minutes

Download the meeting minutes:


July 26, 2014

» Upcoming Events

8/8 Teachers Report
8/11 Teacher Planning / Inservice Days
8/18 Students Report
9/1 Labor Day Holiday (Districtwide)
9/19 Teacher Professional Development
(School Early Release)
10/3 Fall Holiday (Districtwide)
10/17 End of First Nine Weeks
43 days nine weeks)
10/20 Teachers Planning/ Inservice Day
(Students Out)
11/11 Veterans Day Holiday (Districtwide)
11/21 Florida Classic (School Early Release)

Full Calendar


» Current News

6/1 Secondary Update for June
3/17 Upcoming Change to Cell Phone Policy
12/1 Secondary Update for December
11/1 Elementary Update for November
11/1 Secondary Update for November

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